Eternal Rose Garden is a collection of award winning florists, designers (and for the really advanced stuff, builders) dedicated to creating beautiful, long lasting eternal rose designs. Our projects have covered weddings, funerals, events, hotel decoration, business decoration, garden parties and one off pieces for the homes of clients.


The beauty of our roses is that they are far less temporary than fresh flowers and far more luxurious than their artificial counterparts. After any event, wedding or party, they can be given away, used in your home or kept where they are as decoration. 

The company is based around the passion for beauty and creativity. We love creating one off designs that are totally unique so people will always feel they have something special. We do not only cater huge events and believe anyone should be able to own our products. We have no minimum order size and love a challenge. If you're wondering whether your idea is too crazy or too silly for us to be interested, try us...you might be surprised.

We even made the top 10 list on flowerdeliveryreviews.com. Check out the article here.