Enchanted Preserved Rose Dome

This elegant enchanted eternal rose dome is created from the finest preserved Ecuadorian roses. Our forever roses are as soft as the day they were picked and can last 3 or more years without wilting or looking tired. No water or sunlight is required, just keep them out of excessively humid environments and extreme temperatures.


The base is made of stained wood and is available with or without preserved rose petals coating the bottom. The sleek dome is made of blown glass and can be removed easily, allowing you to place jewelery or other trinkets inside for display.


The item will be shipped in discrete packaging. Personalised cards are available and we're happy to take special requests, so whether you want us to fill your box with their favourite chocolates or you'd simply like us to put the roses in a different container, feel free to get in touch with us using the chatbox below or the details at the bottom of the page.

Enchanted Preserved Rose Dome

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  • Rose heads: 4 - 6cm diameter

    Dome: 23cm x 12.5cm